Members are encouraged to attend church but if you are feeling sick or if you are at-risk, we encourage you to watch Pastor Brad’s Sunday Service on LIVE Stream on Public Access TV on Channels 2-5-7 or 13 on Thursday @ 10am ~ Friday @ 6:30pm ~ Saturday @ 1:30pm ~ Sunday @ 8:30am

Pastor is also LIVE on Facebook on Sunday morning at 11am or if you don’t have Facebook to watch LCMS Sunday “Mainstreet Living” show at 9:30am on KBJR!

Worship Times Trinity ~ 9am – Holy Communion 1st & 3rd Sunday
(Amazing Grace contemporary service the second Sunday of every month)

Worship Times Grace ~ 11am – Holy Communion 1st & 3rd Sunday

1st time Attending

Welcome to Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church. Below are answers to questions you may have regarding our worship services. We hope you’ll receive a better understanding of worship life here and Missouri-Lutheran churches in general. Trinity is a BIBLE BELIEVING congregation which primarily worships with historic Christian liturgy. We do so believing worship is to be fully Christ-centered. We believe that throughout the ages God richly blesses His people through His preached Word and Holy Sacraments. These gifts come within the liturgy’s framework where God ACTUALLY meets us, forgives our sins, nourishes and grows us in His Son’s likeness through the Word. Please feel free to ask pastor if you have any other questions.

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